Gambling blocks for Android with Gamban

gamban works with universities around the world to provide free protection for students. Once an education institution has been ‘white-listed’, unlimited members of students can obtain free protection on up to three devices with a verified education email address.

gamban? protects individuals on Mac OS X, Windows and Android from online gambling. Despite the fact that gamban? IS available on iOS devices (iPhones. iPods and iPads), the iOS operating system is more restricted than other systems, which means there’s nothing we can do at this point to restrict uninstallation of gamban? – this means gamban? is less effective as users can remove gamban? and gamble on their iOS device. On other non-iOS devices (Windows, Mac and Android), gamban? necessarily cannot be uninstalled or overridden. This is due to the specific and much-needed requirements of the functionality and the people who use it.

Jack Symons, founder of gamban? says “we would like to commit our resources to helping you [Apple] to offer tools to at-risk individuals who need the added level of protection.”

They have set up a petition on for Apple to work with gamban? – the leading affordable solution for blocking gambling to collaborate on putting control in the hands of people at-risk who need help.

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