Buy turkish traditional handmade coffee set online

A lot of individuals are working far away from their countries and they would love to have things to remember them about their home country.For all turkish people around the world there is this family that ships traditional handmade food , with authentic taste, or handmade turkish crafts to anyone anywhere in the world. Would you like to taste an authentic assorted baklava? Gourmeturca is like a family you left behind and that will send you a nice wrapped box with something good your grandma did for you.

Every turk deserves a family in Turkey even if he lives far away and he doesn’t has anyone left in Turkey. It must feel lonely without your home rituals, traditions and culture right ? The people at Gourmeturca want to be like a family to you. Do you want something from Turkey that you can’t find where you live now? Tell them and they will search for it in Turkey and find it for you. They won’t send you garbage or poor quality stuff, they will only send you things that they would gift to their family. You are in their family now.

Dondurma: Turkish Ice cream , a favourite for the summer times, the Turkish ice cream of dondurma has a taste that is vastly different from Western versions because of the added ingredients of salep and mastic that give it a gooey like texture and taste. The Kahramanmaraş region of Turkey has a reputation for producing the best tasting ice cream that is sold all over the country and is especially popular among foreigners buying from the street cart vendors in Istanbul. Such is the thick consistency of Kahramanmaraş ice cream, using a knife and fork to eat it is not unheard of! Motto: Always best. Always fast. We never ship something that a family member wouldn’t send their folks. When someone needs something from Turkey, we act like a family member of them. We find whatever they need, we ship wherever they are. With the best way and the fast way. Get your traditional handmade baklava from us today!

Keskul it is a simple yet delicious pudding cooked with crushed almonds, grated coconut, milk, sugar, rice flour and corn or potato starch. Coconut and blanched almond flakes or pistachios sprinkled on the top are the finishing touch. Like the rest of the pudding desserts it is served cold or maximum at room temperature. Turkish Semolina Halva is a fine dessert with various types, such as pistachio and ice cream. The It is generally prepared for religious feasts or days and also at the home of the deceased after a funeral, where it is served to those coming for condolence and is also distributed to the neighbors.

Our office is in Istanbul, the capital of the three great empires, the melting pot of all religions, the brightest star of Anatolia, the golden city. One day if you come to Istanbul, we’d love it if you can visit us to have coffee together. In our culture, one cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years. Hoping to strike up a lifelong friendship with you… And don’t forget we give a $25 discount on your first order!

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