What Is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a combat simulation game similar to paintball, but with an additional element of military simulation. Although the game is played similarly to paintball, the main difference is that instead of using paintball guns, you use specially made full-replica airsoft guns typically firing 6mm plastic BBs.

These guns vary in power, but the UK limit is set at around 328fps (foot per second) or 1J of energy. Therefore Airsoft stings when you’re hit, but does not leave lasting bruises like paintball. Airsoft guns beat paintball markers on both range and accuracy, most firing accurately to about up to 50m. In this more realistic combat scenario, tactics of real military units come into play, making for a highly exciting game (with less huge bruises and welts). The result is an experience that draws parallels from the best first-person-shooter computer games, but with a healthy dose of exercise! Assault rifles, SMG’s, shotguns, pistols, revolvers, sniper rifles and support weapons are all available, as well as grenades.

Although all sports have cheaters, airsoft doesnt do enough to prevent cheating.

Throughout your airsoft experience, you have “accidentally” not felt the hit due to adrenaline. In an intense competition, that adrenaline is ten-fold.

If there’s no systematic way to prevent cheaters like laser tags, there will be cheaters. And you probably don’t like watching a pro-game knowingly that someone is cheating.

Your Battery

Your battery determines your gun rate of fire. The more voltage your battery contains, the faster your airsoft gun will fire

Some people suggested that more ampere will result in a higher rate of fire. However, your voltage has a more significant effect. Returacan made a whole video exposing the influence of voltage and ampere on your airsoft gun rate of fire

Having a higher rate of fire will put more stress onto your gun, especially your gearbox. Be wary of what material was used to make your airsoft gun

If you are going for a 30-40RPS, then your gun should at least be made out of polymer, and your gearbox should compose of mostly metal parts. More at T.A.S.

Wear Full Body Protection

Unless you are perfectly capable of handling flesh wounds that could take weeks to heal, you should wear cloth protection from head to toes

Cover your ears and head with a beanie, a long sleeve shirt for your arms, gloves for your hands, jean for your legs, a lower face mask for your mouth and nose, and a scarf for your neck. Leave no skin exposed to the BBs

Also, you might want to wear boots when you’re playing outdoors for those up-hills climbs you might have to do. It’s like doing mini-hiking in airsoft.

Other Laws

Metal Airsoft Guns in Government Offices and Public Transport

Carrying an airsoft gun with metal BBs in transit and transport facilities can get you in serious trouble. This applies even to government offices

Do Not Remove Colored Tip

Eliminating bright colored to copy the looks of an actual firearm is restricted. This is because individuals with criminal intent might use these airsoft guns to commit crimes

The Phone Guy

When the game gets intense, some people somehow find the motivation to pull out their phone and text their friends/family?

What’s on their mind? It’s not like they’re going to die and need to leave a final dying message.

Another case is when you and your team is about to breach a room, and one of your guy stop just to take a selfie?

Jokes aside, using your phone during an airsoft game is just not productive and helpful to the team. Put it away and focus on the match. Extra details on T.A.S.